By Pharmacy Council of India.

About Us

Faculty of Pharmacy is a college under the Tantia University, Sri Ganganagar.
Principals and faculty members have shaped the college to an ideal environment condition for studies. This motivation provides pharmacy education with in depth focus along with personality development and communication skills.

Faculty of Pharmacy is where Medicine Heals Doubts Diseases.!!!

Scope of Pharmacy

A Pharmacist is a link between a Physician and the Patient. The pharmacy career will have openings in / as :
  • Community Pharmacist :- He can get self employed by opening his own Retail Medical Store.
  • Hospital Pharmacist :- Can have a scope in central dispensing area of a hospital where he can engage himself in dispensing the prescribed medicine. Also in a hospital, he can be engaged with the patients, or in obtaining patient medical history and in assisting the physician to select dosage regimen and schedules.
  • Whole sale pharmacy :- offers opportunity to serve as a middle man between manufacturer and community pharmacists.
  • In Industry :- In Marketing and Administration as Medical Representatives or as Sales Representative, who is in contact with the physician. This can be a rewarding career for persons with the right personality and inclination. It is also a stepping stone for higher position in sales.
  • Laboratory Technicians:- Can serve as a drug store incharge in government organizations or as a laboratory technician in various departments of a government hospital, laboratories, pharmacy colleges, etc.
  • Repackaging Unit :- can get the license for repacking of bulk drugs or chemicals as a self employment.
  • With the knowledge of physiology and hygiene, pharmacist can play a vital role in prevention of infection and in education of people. This can be done by co-ordinating himself with medical health centers, dispensaries and hospitals. Also, population being the top priority problem of our country, as pharmacist can promote family planning by getting attached to a medical centre.